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Prometheus of Bengali Nation

26 March 2021

Mahbubar Rahman :
One hundred years ago on March 17, 1920 a child was born and set his mellow foot in the house of his parents Sheikh LutfurRahman and SayeraKhatun who lived on the ground of serenity and sublime beauty of nature at a small hamlet of Tungipara with picturesque surrounding where river Modhumoti flows with rippling sound. He was the third child in line of five children of his parents and naturally his parents and elder sisters were all much delighted and overwhelmed with joy at his birth. He was given a beautiful cosmetic name Sheikh MujiburRahman perhaps on the sixth day of his birth. His name giving ceremony was perhaps followed by an improvised feast of rural culinary delight which was presumably attended by the Imam of the nearby mosque and his near and dear members of family and close-door neighbors. The ceremony was perhaps ended with a Munajat seeking divine blessing and long life for him. This is how the journey of life of Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman began in this world like billions other who came and passed away before him although his one was of special and unique of its kind. His parents and other elders of his family used to fondly call him khoka. He was growing healthy and cheerful with the pace and rhythm of nature in rural tranquility. His primary education started in a village school. Khokaused to reach the doors of school everyday through the arbor of nature of eloquent silence. His mellow foot was gradually getting stronger for romping on earth with equal power and strength well enough to play football in nearby paddy field or school ground. Wandering like a stubborn boy through creeks & alleys nestled with sweet melodies of singing birds in sultry summer days, he used to look perhaps at the line of trees stood with greenery abound stretching along river Modhumati and its tributaries & canals flowing by his homestead and remained pensive for a while. At the fall of dusk, he used to perhaps gaze at the astral skies causing relentless thoughts and imaginations brewing from cascade of his soul. At the passage of time, taller he was growing; the taller his imaginations reaching to a height, centering on life and fate of rural population that he himself was a part of.
Khoka's inborn desire to be of help to poor and marginalized people were gradually getting stronger as he was coming of age and become a tall and supple Sheikh MujiburRahman. At the passage of time, as the situation demanded, in one fine morning, he left his abode at Tungipara leaving behind his dear life-partner Begum FazilutunnesaMujib, (Renu) other members of family and peoples in his thoughts and imaginations for Calcutta to pursuing studies. With the waves of passing time like the waves of running river, side by side with pursuing studies, he deeply involved himself with all political movements towards achieving independence of undivided India and securing a separate homeland for muslims under the leadership of vetern politicians of those tumultuous days in undivided India. Soon he became a young political leader under the tutelage of vetern politician HussainShaheedShuharawardy.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman or Sheikh Mujib/Sheik Shaheb or his fond name Mojibor by whatever name you may call him, became a leader of towering height over the years and duly anointed with the title of Bangabandhu and eventually became the legendary Prometheus of the Bengali Nation, as the wheels of time rolled on, shaping an Independent Bangaldesh. The rest is history.  
Who is Prometheus? He is said to be the benefactor of human race by gifting fire to them. How is the name of a mortal Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman in flesh and blood is synonymous to immortal mythological god of Pantheon - Prometheus? This question demands detail explanation. Appended below is a narrative of how Bangabandhu attained immortality and became Prometheus of the Bengali Nation.
Having lost all the graces and comforts of Paradise, parents of human race had landed on the earth of dust by the divine order long and long time ago when the plant Earth, after cooling and condensing from the state of being a fire ball out of cosmic cataclysm, was ready to house both animal and plant kingdom in its still mellow surface. The environment and physical feature of the Earth being absolutely Greek to them, the first couple of human race wandered breathlessly from North to South and East to West of the different strange terrain of the Earth with no definite direction where to settle in, at the end of the day. They watched pensively how the sun rises in the East and sets in the Western horizon. They wondered how Moon was growing slowly from its crescents shape and made a full Moon with nature's eye-blinding tricks and jugglery. They were equally bemused and overwhelmed with the wonders of cosmic splendor of how stars twinkle and the galaxies swirl in the immensity of distant skies. Waltzing waves of the roaring seas and rippling sound of the Running Rivers immensely stirred their thoughts and imaginations to reckon as to how sorcery of nature triggered an unknown force to keep the Earth moving with its all burgeoning fauna and flora profusely sprawling around.
Having endowed with all the gifts of nature no matter how friendly or hostile they were in the terrain, of sprawling vegetation, snow-clad ground or blistering sands of deserts; where the parents of the human race were gradually attuning and adapting themselves into, through enduring evolutionary process. Among lot more innumerable gifts of nature brimming abound, what the parents of human race were missing was the warmth of fire that they were denied for being fire was stored in the vault of heavens by the order of gods. That caused persistent misery and plight for the parents of the human race in their living process in the new world of planet Earth.
With Sardonic smiles, gods in the Pantheon of Olympus Mountain mocked over the agony of human race with missing flambeau of fire in their hands for survival thus pushing them into the brink of being extinct ultimately in the gradual process of struggle for existence.
Prometheus--- son of the Titan Iapetus had observed perpetual human misery, caused from being without the flames of fire, from the distant heavens. He was deeply shocked and perturbed at wanton human misery and out of his deep love for humans, passed fire to humans by stealing fire from the encrypted vault of heaven when gods were fallen asleep in pantheonwith loud snoring. Prometheus's such daring act of defiance enraged gods when they woke up from deep slumber. Gods decided to punish Prometheus for helping human race by giving fire and chained him in the mountain rock in the Caucasus where a giant eagle fed upon his liver, which was renewed during the night. Prometheus had embraced misery and pains for himself for giving fire to humans for their daily chores and future prosperity thus leading them to become the crown of the creation.
Bangabandhu's birth centenary in the month of March 2020-21also pleasantly coincide with the Golden Jubilee of Independence on march 26th 2021.Both the great events are being celebrated in 10 days long program beginning from March 17 to March 26,2021 with resplendence and pageantry.
Viva Bangabandhu. Viva Prometheus of the Bengali Nation. Viva MujibBorsho.Viva Golden Jubilee of Independence.

(The writer is a former Civil Servant)

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