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Liver Cancer Early Diagnosis Can Save Life

16 June 2021

Dr. Prokash Mollick :
Many people are nowadays suffering from stomach and liver diseases due to taking fast food, alcohol, painkillers for a long time. Once the symptom worsens there is no way out without surgery. But in 'homoeopathy treatment of stomach and liver diseases are completely recovered.
Liver is called the power station of human body. It is a triangular organ on the right side of lower abdomen, below the diaphragm, and above the abdomen. Its role is most important in keeping the other limbs active. For various reasons, the number of liver cells may increase than hormonal rate and form tumor. Of these, malignant tumors are called liver cancer. When Liver cancer spreads to other parts of the body; it is called metastatic-cancer.
The exact cause of liver cancer is still unknown. However, the main causes are: (1) Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus. (2) Cirrhosis of the liver - In most cases, about 50 to 90 percent of liver cancer patient suffer from Cirrhosis of the liver Cirrhosis of the liver can occur for many reasons. The role of Hepatitis B and C is the most important for this. Alcohol can also cause symptoms of cirrhosis. Fatty liver can also be mentioned. Fatty liver occurs from diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hypothyroidism symptoms of liver cancer:
Symptoms of liver cancer includes (1) Gradual weight loss (2) No hunger at all (3) Occasionally there may be abdominal pain, indigestion, vomiting (3) Pain in liver region (4) Swelling of the abdomen (5) Jaundice (6) As a side effect, rash and itching are seen on the skin.
The tests that need to be done to find out if a patient is suffering from liver cancer are (1) Ultrasound Diagnosis. This test is used to find out the size, shape, location of the tumor. It can detect tumors 2cm or less in size. (2) Spiral CT Scan. The side of the liver or any other abnormal changes can be detected by this test. But if the tumor is smaller than 3 cm, it cannot be caught here (3) Hepatic arteriography. This test can detect tumors ranging from 5 cm to 1 cm. Through this, the size, shape and location of the tumor can be known. However, in the case of cancer, this test is done to know the location of the tumor. (4) MRI - the characteristic of the tumor is known (5) Embolization - it is a type of therapy.
Modern management of liver cancer includes:
Chemotherapy - The purpose of this procedure is to kill the cancerous cells. But it doesn't just kill cancer cells. Other growing normal cells in the body also die which causes side effects in the patient.
Radiotherapy - In this case, the affected cells are destroyed by applying 'rays' to a specific area.
Interventional Chemotherapy - Interventional therapy is a therapy that is used to treat various diseases. The special aspect of this is that it is a short wound therapy. Its effect is quite effective. It pierces the tumor and destroys it. It is only pierced by 1 -2 mm.
Surgery - In this case the affected part of the liver is surgically removed if the size of the tumor is not very large and the patient is in good physical condition, it is very effective to remove the tumor by surgery. Usually, after surgery, the patient has a 50 percent chance of survival for up to 5 years.
Liver Transplantation - When the level of the affected part of the liver is high, it is decided to place a new liver. Physicians usually make such a decision if they have cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis of the Liver and Liver Transplantation:
Currently the most useful treatments for liver cancer are radio frequency ablation and percutaneous injections. In both cases the cells are burned through an external guided probe. Of these, the radio frequency ablation method is quite advanced, but imitated.
One thing to keep in mind after all, the exact cause of liver cancer is still unknown. As a result, the disease has to be treated much later. So if you see such symptoms you have to go to the doctor. Proper treatment must be done. A controlled lifestyle, a healthy diet and doctor's advice are the key to a healthy body. But unfounded fear should be avoided.
If the opportunity to treat the liver cancer by Homoeopathy before metastatic stage comes, the result is quite satisfactory. Even in metastatic stage, the power of homoeopathic medicine to reduce the painful symptoms is marvelous.

(Dr. Prokash Mollick, M.D (Horn) is founder, World Federation
of Homoeopathy)

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