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West Bengal Supremo Mamata Leads To All India Leadership

17 June 2021
West Bengal Supremo Mamata Leads To All India Leadership

Now the people of West Bengal have rejected the ruling party in Delhi (BJP) in the recent assembly elections of this Indian province. They voted for the Trinamool Congress, a basically regional team of West Bengal. During the reign of Mamata's two terms, the failing opposition parties raised allegations on corruption and misuse of power. Meanwhile many influential leaders have left Trinamool Congress. Despite all that, the people of West Bengal have voted Mamata for her victory.
There arises another issue in the election of West Bengal. On the occasion of Bangladesh Independence Golden Jubilee and Bangabandhu's centennial ceremony, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh as a state guest. Mamata Banerjee expressed her dissatisfaction with that. At that time Narendra Modi had a speech before Matua community at Orakandi in the district of Gopalganj. Mamata Banerjee showed her angry reaction to that and her party raised a note of objection to the election commission of India. Mamata Banerjee considered Prime Ministers visit as a part of voting campaign in favor of BJP and she remarked that she would never accompany Modi in Bangladesh as stated by a journalist in India. So in the matter of bilateral relations with Bangladesh and India issue Mamata's rule may not be positive. It is assumed that Mamata will not speak on behalf of BJP, the ruling party.
Despite the change of power in West Bengal, no change will happen over the Teesta issue overnight. Many people think that, some source of negotiation or understanding is made with India over the Teesta water-sharing agreement. It is thought that, if BJP comes to power in West Bengal, the Teesta agreement would settle. Teesta is a problem of water sharing agreement but not a problem of water. Problem is elsewhere. The problem is that the Teesta issue has turned into a political issue in West Bengal. Gautam Lahiri, a senior journalist in Delhi said that Mamata Banerjee's victory was also a source of relief for Bangladesh. He also said that if the BJP comes to power they will pass the CAA or the Citizenship Amendment Act in the first cabinet meeting. Mamata Banerjee is opposing this law. Now it is sure that the federal government would not be able to implement NRC for next five years. The journalist also expressed that Mamata will extend her cordial help and compassion in regards to trade or bilateral relations.
We believe that on Teesta water agreement, both BJP government and Mamata Banerjee 's Trinamool use as the political weapon. By this time, BJP has repealed article 370 of their constitution on Kashmir issue and curtailed the position of Delhi's chief minister. If BJP extends its cordial hands and cooperation for Teesta issue it will be no more a problem of Bangladesh. It is crystal clear that only for political reason, Mamata Banerjee is not positive towards Teesta issue. But the issue may be settled overnight by BJP. But BJP did not do that previously. Rather the secular issue or Hinduism is becoming intensive in different states of India along with the NRC issue. NRC issue has been made a voting tool in West Bengal. This is indeed an election advantages for Mamata Banerjee. Apparently Mamata's victory in West Bengal may appear to us as a matter of ease and comfort.
Mamata's success had an impression to increase the status of a federal system in India which ultimately threw challenge in the North's political authority. The deficit of Oxygen in most of the states had a practical demonstration. That will be damaging if states are not self-reliant on food and health. Before election in 2024, such a cruel experience has created a storm as carried a social appeal in context to political scenario of whole India. By election war strategy of Mamata people were motivated with a political sprit which is complimentary to the spirit of people's attitude. It is predicted that Mamata Banerjee, the daughter of Bengal will be the emerging leader of whole India. Mamata showed an alternative identity of India which is different from that of RSS-BJP. By the victory of Mamata every state will be illuminated with own culture and thoughts.
Finally, we can say our language and culture are one. The two Bengals have a glorious historical relationship. From British opposition movement to the liberation war of Bangladesh, people worked together shoulder to shoulder for achieving the desired goals. All hopes and aspiration of people will be reflected in the soft relationship. Finally, we would be able to build fraternity, brotherhood and harmony between the two nations. Again the unresolved problems will be solved. Day by Day there will be a close relationship above all gaps and controversies. If mutual understanding and interdependence are promoted, Bangladesh will be a good beneficiary of India and ultimately mutual attachment and affiliation will develop.

(Dr. Forqan is former Deputy Director General, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP).

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