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Succession replacement required to achieve organizational goal

02 September 2022
Succession replacement required to achieve organizational goal

Sheikh Mohammad Anisur Rahman :
Right quality (KSAO's) and right quantity (level) of people at right time are obviously required to achieve organizational goals. It can be ensured through Succession Management and Replacement. Due to retirement, dying, quiet or termination or growth of the organization, may organization face human resource crises. It can be mitigated through appropriate succession management and replacement.
Succession Management and Replacement
Succession management refers to the process of ensuring that pools of skilled employees are trained and available to meet the strategic objectives of the organization.
Replacement can be defined as the process of finding replacement employees for key managerial positions. If the CEO dies, who will be prepared to take over that position? Is there a replacement for the vice-president of marketing if she suddenly quits taking another job?
The 7 Most Important Reasons for Implementing Succession Planning
§ Filling Future Vacancies
§ Gaining Greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Among Leaders
§ Increasing Talent Retention
§ Identifying Future Leaders
§ Preparing Future Leaders
§ Creating Opportunities for Career Advancement
§ Risk of Loss
7 Key Steps for Creating a Succession Management Model
§ Develop an Organizational Strategy
§ Define the Key Positions
§ Clarify the Applicable Performance Metrics
§ Evaluate Bench Strength
§ Build the Succession Management Pool
§ Professional Development
§ Promotion
Replacement Planning Is an Important Part of the Succession Planning Process
A replacement plan identifies "backups" for positions. Traditionally, it has focused on top-level roles, but it can be done for any position in the organization. Replacement planning is often mentioned in conjunction with succession planning because it identifies individuals who can assume roles at some point in the future and shows how ready they are for that position. But replacement planning doesn't have to be defined as a subset of succession planning.Here are four steps to consider as part of a replacement planning activity:
Step 1. Identify key positions and the critical skills for each position.
Step 2. Assess the skills of current employees and match their skills to the list of critical skills.
Step 3. Pay attention to jobs that don't have matches and develop a plan to address the gaps.
Step 4. Evaluate the plan. On a regular basis evaluate the plan to make sure the company's needs can still be met.
While organizations are working hard to hire, engage, and retain the best talent, it would be naïve to think employees never leave. Replacement plans provide the organization with the comfort that a last-minute resignation, retirement, or employee illness will not leave the company at a talent disadvantage.
Succession management and replacement has a great impact to achieve organization's strategic goal. As well as it can mitigate human resource crises of an organization. Every organization requires succession planning. By succession planning, organization's key roles are constantly maintained with talented people, so organizations can maintain its strength
Succession management and replacement is a critical function of an organization, its not easy to formulate and implement. To implement it successfully need highly supportive management and also need a strong HR department with appropriate level (quantity) and quality (KSAO's) people to deal it.
"Succession management and replacement can mitigate the human resources crises of an organization". Formulating and implementing it, first of all need to align organizational strategy with HR strategy. Need to ensure free and fair judgment. Also need to focus on person job match as well as organization match.

(The writer is Head of People and Culture, Synesis IT Ltd).

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