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More delay in change will lead to more miseries for people

27 January 2023
More delay in change will lead to more miseries for people

The people have awakened and they are in the streets expressing their rage against the government, not elected by them. The government is plundering the country motivated by revenge without knowing how to do good for the people.

The government is most successful in corrupting every department of government and making it anti-people. It has damaged all the institutions of democratic government. Elections are now an affair of bureaucrats for ensuring election victory of the government. It is too much to expect that such a government will give up power in the greater interest of the country.
As the general election nears, and if this government stays in power, there will be more violence and more bloodshed.

The other day it was boastfully claimed by the government that there is no internal power that can oust it. That means the desperation of the people for a change urgently not be enough though peaceful movement of all the opposition parties insisting on the desired change is gathering steam.

It is understandable that weak leadership anywhere is exploited by foreign forces to their advantage. Otherwise Bangladesh could not be an anti-people authoritarianism where killings and corruption would be the way of politics.

Hereditary leadership and greed for money are major problems in our politics. Major political parties chose their leaders not for their politics or political ability to govern. They even do not know what is democracy or a good government.

A political leader knows how to negotiate peaceful changes. Anybody cannot be called politician or political leaders. They have to be selfless. Once out of power the people will know who were greedy and how much greed they had.

The greatest success of this government is in the field of corruption. Wealth making politics is not politics. Our inner slavishness among some of us is warping our judgments, but the sovereign power of the people win in the end.

The next general election is still far away. We feel sorry for those foreign friends, for their lack of knowledge that in Bangladesh the people's election does not exist. What we have is the government officials guaranteeing voter less election victory for the government. This government is of the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrats. The government officials are enjoying the
 highest beneficiaries. Government showed no interest in improving the quality of life. The police were extensively used against the people for fear of life and torture.

The cruelty of the government is under some restraint now because of American pressure but that is not enough for this government to give up power or accept free election.

Under the amended Constitution the incumbent government shall remain not only in power but the parliament will also not be dissolved.

It is hard to believe that even some of our foreign friends are deceived to think that we have election of people's vote and the problem is how to make it free. The impartial visitors to supervise the election will be no remedy or cure. But the fact is that the election meaning people's vote has been banished. The Election Commission has no role to play other than announcing the election results as supplied by the bureaucrats.

Delaying the change will make the situation worse and more dangerous.

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